Why I’m a KickStarter Addict

There is nothing quite so humbling and wonderful as having someone believe in you. Passion is contagious. Imagine if dozens , hundreds or even thousands of people believe in you and are willing to put something tangible and valuable down to back it up. That’s the stuff that real drive and creativity are made of. That is why KickStarter is awesome.


The experience on KickStarter is raw, honest and elating. To date, I have backed 39 projects and every single one has left me with a better feeling than the last. The structure and format makes it impossible to not see to the core of a team behind a project. The most powerful element that powers KickStarter is the connection.

KickStarter provides a visceral two-way connection. The relationship is symbiotic and clear. Backing is not simply emotional cheering but grounded support that nets physical rewards. Telling a story is interesting but including viewers to write that story is intoxicating.You can feel the burning passion. Money is the means not the goal. Every leg up gets a little bit more too hurdling that obstacle.

These people yearn to create awesome shit.

The engagement is phenomenal. Its easy to see these aren’t corporations or careless entities with only business goals and money in their sights. The enthusiasm and desire is electric. Its hard not to get excited when something sparks your interest.

KickStarter has done something truly brilliant. They understood that great stories and fantastic experiences have a clear beginning and end, constraints and sense of achievement. This is unfortunately where competitors like RocketHub and IndieGoGo completely miss the mark. By setting the goal within the scope of a single project, KickStarter influences the tangible nature of it. It is clear and precise when success is achieved and what the rewards will be. All or nothing constraints are elegant. They push that sense of achievement farther and even make sure that expectations are kept clean and manageable. Even when projects miss their funding , they forge dialogue and relationships with people that love what they are doing and want to support them.

Some people think of KickStarter as a store where you can simply pre-buy products but I think that’s a mistake. I have heard nay-sayers cite that certain projects on KickStarter fall-through or that lofty promises are made and fall-short at the end of the day. I think that’s sadly misguided. Passion and love is not often about tangible rewards and humans are no strangers to this. I back projects because I know what its like to want something that reality tells you you can’t have. Helping someone punch reality in the face is worth the money.

I am an addict. I have no intention of stopping. When someone wills you to succeed, however tiny that gesture might be, it lends a bit of their passion to you and often that’s all it takes. It feels like a bonus that I get to go along for the ride.

Find a project that sounds fantastic and back it for even 1 Dollar. You will be amazed at how good it feels and you will have let someone stand on your shoulders for a moment.


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